Manufacturers IconThe R.E. Pedrotti Company is a Manufactures Representative and System Integrator for the Municipal Water and Wastewater Industries. We represent the following leading manufactures: Siemens Water Technologies Control Systems, Foxboro, Siemens-Robicon, Magnetrol, RACO Manufacturing, YSI/WTW, Sierra Monitor, Cal-Amp and several other manufactures in the states of Kansas, Missouri, and Southern Illinois.


  • Magnetic Flow Measurement
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Differential Flow Transmitters
  • Differential Level Transmitters
  • pH, ORP, Fluoride Transmitters
  • Recorders
  • Controllers
  • Computer Systems

Accusonic Technologies

  • Multi-path Transit Time Flow Meters
  • Full pipe and Partially-Filled pipe applications
  • Open Channel Applications
Cal Amp Logo

Cal-Amp Radios

  • VHF and UHF Serial and Ethernet Based Radios
  • Spread Spectrum Serial and Ethernet Radios
  • Licensed 900 MHz Serial and Ethernet Based Radios
  • Cellular Serial and Ethernet Modems
  • Repeaters and Router Technologies

Xylem – YSI/WTW Instruments

  • Suspended Solids Analyzers
  • Interface Level Analyzers
  • DO Transmitters
  • Nitrate and Ammonium Analyzers
  • Orthophosphate Analyzers
  • BOD/COD Analyzers


  • Pulse Burst Radar
  • Guided Wave Radar
  • Ultrasonic Transmitters
  • Thermal Dispersion Flow Meters and Switches
  • Open Channel Flow
  • Magnetic Flow Meters

EVOQUA Water Technologies

  • Remote Control and Telemetry Systems
  • Liquid Pressure, Level, & Float Controls
  • SCADA ( Radio, Fiber Optic, or Phone Line)
  • Computer Systems
  • Remote Control & Telemetry


  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Harmony Medium Voltage VFD’s
  • Motor Control Centers
  • PWM-GT-Clean Power

Raco Manufacturing & Engineering

  • Digital Autodialers
  • Alarm Agent Web-based Autodialers
  • PLC and Computer Interface

Lovibond® Tintometer® Water Testing

  • Process Turbidimeters

Precision Digital

  • Digital Panel Meters
  • Controllers

Sierra Monitor Corporation

  • Gas and Fire Detection Sensors
  • Sentry IT Controller
  • Sentry IT Appliance web-based HMI
  • Protocol Gateways

Valmet North America

  • Total Solids Transmitter
  • Highly Accurate Microwave Technology

Tracom Fiberglass Products

  • Flumes
  • Fiberglass Buildings
  • Metering Manholes
  • Enclosures

Primary Flow Elements & Grounding Rings

  • Grounding Rings
  • Orifice Plates
  • Venturi Tubes
  • Pitot Tubes

Kuntze Instruments, Inc.

  • Chlorine Analyzer
  • Multi-Channel Water Analyzer